When Crytek makes a game, you can expect nothing but the best GPU-melting graphics around, and their Xbox One title Ryse: Son of Rome doesn’t fall short of those expectations. So much so, that Crytek is receiving an award for Best Real-Time Graphics at SIGGRAPH 2014.

Some of you might be wonder what SIGGRAPH is and I have the answers. SIGGRAPH is short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques and is basically an annual computer graphics convention that is taking place in Vancouver, BC on August 10th until August 14th. The community recognizes CG skills across a wide spectrum and gives awards for various categories. One of which happened to be Real-Time Graphics and the winner is Ryse: Son of Rome. Here is what Crytek had to say on the matter via the Crytek blog:

Ryse was released last November for Xbox One, and has impressed players and press around the world with its groundbreaking visuals. During the game’s development there was a special emphasis on realistic characters and immersive story-telling; all of which helped to catch the eye of SIGGRAPH’s judging panel and earn Ryse a top spot in their Computer Animation Festival awards.

Unfortunately the SIGGRAPH website does not list all the submissions for the category. The only thing they mentioned about the subject was the short excerpt for the winner in that category:

With Ryse, Crytek decided to focus on characters and emotion to serve the game and story. Ryse is an eight hour game with an additional 110-minutes of linear storytelling content. The submission shows gameplay and cutscenes, both utilize the same assets and can be rendered in real-time.

Congrats to Crytek on this achievement. Ryse was a beautiful game, by any standard, and brought character detail to an all new level. For those that need some refreshing, here is an assortment of Ryse videos and GIFs showcasing Crytek’s graphics.



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