Yes ladies and gentlemen the kind folks at Zojoi, developers of the new Shadowgate will be giving us a new update here in late October. This is great news because not only are they implementing improvements ranging from an alternate command system, additional achievements and new Casual and Ironman game modes.  They are also adding a new quest line just in time for Halloween theamed the “Dread Pumpkin Quest”. Shadowgate_go_commandThis is great news to know that not only did they remaster a classic game but they are not done with it just yet. Adding free updates like these really helps to instill a common trust with developers like this. I don’t expect that they will add to much more to what I would consider a very well done game but it is a good feeling that they treated us with a little extra DLC. Here is a link to my Review if you have not had a chance to read it just yet. I have also add a few new screen shots to this post just for eye candy because this really is a beautiful game.