Available in all major markets, World of Warships is coming to closed Beta testing phase in just a few days, are you ready?

Wargaming.net is preparing for the open Beta launch of another of their highly detailed, refined and fantastic war simulation games. Launching World of Warships off the dock on March 12th, those interested in signing up for the campaign can do so on their respective Warships website at the following times:

Europe – 11:00 CET
North America – 11:00 PST
Asia – 17:00 SGT

World of Warships has conducted two smaller closed Beta campaigns, once in December and another last January. Attracting over 75,000 users, with 15,000 concurrent users, each user averaged playing at least 4 battle sessions in the short time the title was available and ready for testing – amounting to well over 300,000 sessions in total for refining the title. Closed Beta testers in the upcoming test will have the chance to get a hands-on with five original maps, ranging from the arctic oceans through tropical regions. 50 U.S. and Japanese ships will be on show for the Beta program for players to challenge the seas and each other.

Speaking on the ship’s details, Wargaming left us wanting more:

Both nation’s cruisers are great, nimble vessels that have the upper hand against enemy destroyers, and even deal a significant blow to ships of the same class. Japanese battleships are fierce attacking ships, which, thanks to their thick armor, can also offer other vessels on their team excellent cover. Destroyers from both nations are perhaps the most maneuverable of ships, and are perfect for scouting, offering backup, and carrying out deadly torpedo strikes. The fourth and final class are aircraft carriers, initially represented by American warships. These types of ships are unmatched at attacking the enemy and providing reconnaissance—ideal for the more tactical player.

Crews will take place of Commanders, as Warships compares to World of Tanks. With each level Commanders will earn points that can be spent on skills. These skills are divided into several ranks and categories, but players can choose to improve commanders as they like to work toward more ship resistances, decreased weapon load times and more. As with crew training, Modernization is available for your ship, helping to develop combat capability. Ships can become more resistant to fires and flooding with these options, along with more options to help your crew stay combat-ready.

We’ve tested World of Warships already and it’s fantastic, but World of Warships isn’t yet complete with this latest Closed Beta program and Wargaming.net plans to get the title ready for Japanese and U.S. aircraft carriers – coming later along side achievements and more customization options for your ships. Those interested in signing up should refer to their country’s Warships website below.