SimCAs part of a few announcements today, the SimCity Beta is back on in less than two weeks. We’ve got the details as to how you can get in, and what’s going on as it launches.

Maxis brought out the big guns this Friday, letting users of all kinds sign up for the next round of SimCity Beta action. Signing up now through February 11th over on the SimCity Beta web page can gain you eligibility for selection in a short but oh-so-sweet sample. During the weekend, SimCity will only be available for 24 hours, from February the 16th at 6 AM to 6 AM on the 17th. Is it worth signing up for? If my first testing weekend is to be believed, of course!

Testing next weekend is going to get you a slice of one of the strongest titles this spring, but Maxis didn’t just bring the beta announcement this week. Superheroes are making their way into the mix with both the SimCity “Limited” and “Digital Deluxe” editions. Making their way to the forefront in the following video, the Heroes and Villains package samples the amazing heroism and terror you can cause with the limited offer.

If you’re sufficiently excited to dive into SimCity before launch, and you’d like to leave nothing to chance, Maxis is giving you a guarantee. According to the beta sign-up page, if you take the time and money to pre-order your copy of SimCity – locking in your Heroes and Villains pack – you’ll have a 100% chance to play.


Whether or not you can drop the dollars, this beta is a soak test. Maxis wants to push their login servers to the limit, and you are EXTREMELY likely to get in. Make sure to sign up, and I hope to see you next weekend!