Hello and welcome to the first SimCity specialization guide on becoming an Electronic city, I’m LordUnderpants and I will be showing you how to become richer than all your friends in the region.

First Steps

You’ll want to start off building your city as normal, fill in the residential, commercial, and some industrial (you’ll need at least 5 industrial buildings), get your power, water, and start saving, you’re going to want some initial funds when you start going electronics.

The main thing you need to do to unlock the processor factory and begin your money making production is 5 tech upgraded industrial buildings, the cheapest (and a little bit slower) way is to get a community college. With the money you get later on you can upgrade to a university and research things, but for now you need to save money and community college gets the job done. It does take a while and at times can seem like no progress is being made, just give it some time and let your city tech up.

tech level

City Specialization

There are two main steps you need to do to start off your electronic empire, building the processor factory for $160,000, and a trade depot for $10,000 along with an alloy, plastic, and processor storage lots. You’ll also want to add on 3 more freight truck garages at $3,000 each and then change the global market deliveries to import alloy and plastic, and export processors.



As you slowly start bringing in money add on the remaining assembly lines and delivery trucks to your processor factory and another trade depot. Once you have all three of the buildings decked out you can easily start adding more trade depots and processor factories. You’ll also want to plop the headquarters for Electronic and Trading, as you make more money and processors you’ll be able to upgrade them and build the Trade Port and Consumer Electronics Factory.


td 2

Once you have about four trade depots maxed with alloy, plastic, and processor lots, along with three processor factories, you should be making pretty close to enough money and processors to upgrade both of your headquarters, you’ll then want to plop down a Consumer Electronics division so you can build a Consumer Electronics Factory and either a Metals Division for Alloy storage lots or a Petroleum Division for Plastic storage lots at your Trade Port.

ced MD PD

The trade port is a better version than the trade depot, allowing you to hook into the rail and water system to import and export faster. While the consumer electronics factory uses alloy, plastic, and the processors to make TVs or computers, which will make you an even higher profit, but requires a little more managing of your importing, exporting, and storage lots.

cef2 tp

Once you make this jump your money will fluctuate even more so you’ll want to take it slow until you can balance your funds out, adding in extra delivery vehicles and TV/computer assembly lines and making sure you’re getting the necessary resources to continue production.

cef tp2


  1. Start off normal with at least 5 industry buildings and try to save up some funds, you’re going to need quite a bit to get started but once you get your stuff down you’ll be making more than you’re spending.
  2. Educate your sims, build a Community College near the industry, it’ll take a while for your industry buildings to tech up and this provides you with extra time to save up some money.
  3. Build a trade depot and have it set to import Alloy and Plastic while exporting Processors, and build a Processor Factory to begin your production of Processors.
  4. Save up and start expanding, when available build your headquarters for trade and electronics.
  5. When available build a Trade Port to expand your resource production and a Consumer Electronics Factory to begin production of TVs and Computers to generate more profit.
  6. Slowly expand as you can easily go bankrupt trying to import all those resources at once while upgrading your factories and ports.

Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to building an Electronic empire and being far richer than all your friends in the region!