The next generation of Skylanders toys could help push the series away from competition with Disney Infinity through the use of new and diverse Skylanders toy options.

Thanks to the introduction of all-new toy options in the coming Skylanders Superchargers series, the falling Activision property might be seeing a resurgence very soon. With the inclusion of vehicles for land, sea and air, Skylanders takes a step ahead of statue toys and gives kids both video games to play as well as REAL toys. Featuring 20 new vehicles for the series, Skylanders will expand with new options that can help kids expand both their in-game experience and their imaginative experience off-screen.

Featuring actual moving parts, the new Skylanders vehicles won’t limit kids to statue-like imagination, as cars will roll and operate as you might expect a toy to actually work. Skylanders will remain traditional with their characters for now, with all 40 new Skylanders characters retaining their statue properties, but kids and parents alike should be excited to hear the while they shell out tens of dollars on new toys for their video games the money isn’t COMPLETELY “wasted.”