If you’re a Twitch.TV partner, you can enjoy some free money starting today. This offer changes the long-term dynamic of Twitch.TV, focusing popularity on new titles, and will ultimately be the biggest move Amazon has ever made in the gaming industry.

Forget the fact that Amazon is one of the world’s leading retailers. Toss away their 14th-in-the-world popularity rank among all of the internet. Amazon is looking for long-term control of all video game sales with its latest offering in partnership with Twitch.TV. So how does it work? Twitch.TV, the 63rd most popular website in the world stands as the definitive place to watch video games online. Few websites compete.

Twitch.TV is owned by Amazon, if you didn’t know, and under the control of Amazon, Twitch now allows “partner” streamers to sell games to players directly through their Twitch channel. While you’re watching a streamer play For Honor, you can buy it on an impulse by clicking the “Buy Now” button below their stream. See example below.

With this, the streamer will earn a portion of the revenue directly to their own profit. The devil is in the details, as this will significantly encourage streamers to play partner-pay titles. Here’s what Partners look forward to earning:

The standard agreement with partnered streamers that opt in to this program provides them with 5% of the purchase price (less items such as, taxes or discounts) from the sale of games and in-game items that are purchased from their channel page.

There is a short list of titles available and compatible with Twitch Partnership right now to bring a profit to the streamer, which could quite clearly reflect the number of streams active, and consequently reduce the number of aging games being played on the market. If a streamer stands to earn a buck playing Warframe, why would they be playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl? Either way, this is great for Amazon.

Today, Amazon is partnering with five game outlets and multiple publishers through this Twitch program, managing around 50 games today. Amazon already partners directly with these companies to offer this digital content through their primary retail outlet. Should this program see any success – and it should quite easily as Twitch is giving incentive to buyers too – expect this to take over the digital market in quick pace.

Amazon isn’t looking to dethrone Steam directly, but as it stands they do directly subvert them and digital content has a much greater profit margin than physical games. If Amazon and Twitch work together here in all the right ways, continuing to offer both the streamer and the consumer a bit of freebies, look to this as the potential wave of the future.

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