Microsoft’s press event is finally over and as the dust is settling, many users are upset over the presentation Microsoft put out, and Sony’s stock is WAY UP after hours. Now you LOVE your console, and no matter how you feel about Microsoft or Sony, your next console is going to be great, and the other console is going to suck. Right?

As it turns out, both systems are essentially the same – just with some minor software differences. Let’s explore them.

The Specs

Sony’s public social integration is better at this point, as you can cast out your games to the web and users can view them on; not available on Xbox.

Microsoft’s offering is stronger in the casual field, with more integration in your every day life through Skype and global TV outlets.

Both companies are bringing great offerings to the forefront in the way of gaming, in spectacular graphical power. Sony did not show their hardware at their first press event. Microsoft chose not to offer up their software in their own. At E3 we can expect to see both of these weak points covered by Sony and Microsoft, but who do you think came out on top? Will things change after the E3 conference? Sound off in the comments section below!