If you’re a fan of the Destiny franchise, more specifically the weapons in the game, you’ll love what this cosplayer just came up with in a pair of well done pistols.

Available for display over on Deviantart.com, user “CheesyKnight” has created a few of Destiny’s most treasured weapons in the Hawkmoon and Last Word hand cannons. Pairing up very nicely with CheesyKnight’s Warlock cosplay, these pistols are nearly dead on accurate to the in-game models and are a beauty to look at. Have a look for yourself below:

As mentioned, these aren’t the first pieces of work he’s put out there and he has a fine autorifle to pair up with his Warlock outfit, but we imagine that he prefers his new Legendary weapons over the standard rifle any day.

Have a look at his full gallery over on Deviantart right here, and let us know what you think of the cosplay work and if you would pack it around at any conventions in the near future – given the chance of course.