Following suit with services like Steam and Origin, available exclusively to the PC, your PlayStation 4 console may allow you to load your pre-ordered digital downloads before release so that you may play them at 12:01 AM on launch day.

While a series of tweets from Sucker Punch Studios suggested that the PS4 may allow for pre-loading this April, an SCEA representative would not confirm the thread of tweets as true, but did not that Sony was aware of requests for the feature.

“We know that it is the feature you’ve been asking for and we are considering it accordingly. We do not have specific details to announce at this point in time, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements about system updates and added features.”

Back in May of 2012 Sony announced this very feature, allowing for downloading of pre-sale games for unlock at the proper release date. While PSN Day 1 Digital services did launch later, this unlock feature never came to fruition. No details as to why the PlayStation 3 never supported this option were ever explained, but as the PlayStation 4 has many similarities to the PCs of today, there is no reason why coding this into a new firmware update is out of the question.


Sony has recently confirmed that your shared videos will soon be able to be edited before distributed to the internet – keeping up with the feature already available on Xbox One. Users will soon be able to save images and videos to a USB flash drive as well, for later editing and distribution on your PC.