In Titanfall there are many methods by which you can pick apart your enemy and win a match of Attrition – the game’s most popular mode. There are many styles of play in Titanfall as well. In this guide, we’re going to take a look into the fastest way to move through your leveling to ensure that you are the tenth generation pilot you’ve always wanted to be. Unlike Call of Duty and other competitors, this isn’t simply a process of time, but with this method you will find yourself speeding to the front of the line and ripping through the generations faster than ever.

While playing through your first generation in Titanfall, it is likely that you will be working at learning the maps. Get a feeling for them, but also get a feeling for your weapon of choice. Figure out which gun you’re most efficient with and work your way to grab up the best scores possible. For those who aren’t so savvy at killing enemy players, you’ll want to focus on quick movement in order to win games. Wall running is faster than regular sprinting. The Smart Pistol is faster than aiming down sights on any NPC. Building skills through Generation one is very important however, so work with your smart pistol only long enough to grab up achievements for killing Grunts, Spectres and total kill count a few times. Sticking with a singular weapon will earn you the most experience through about level 40, then swapping to your next most efficient weapon is a better idea, due to the weight of Challenges in Titanfall allowing your level to skyrocket much faster.

Getting a niche is only the first step in your core focus while leveling in Titanfall. You’ll want to know the most efficient ways to play and earn Burn Cards in order to dominate your match if leveling up quickly is your goal. If you’re looking to dominate the game and grab up as much experience as possible, you should be giving yourself in-depth knowledge of every match you compete in. With the Map Hack Burn Card, you can’t do better in terms of leveling up your Pilot. Giving you a distinct advantage in “Full Minimap Vision”, you’ll know where every enemy and ally is on your map so that you may either attack or avoid every pilot in the game and pick up the greatest amount of XP possible in that match. With the Map Hack burn card and efficient player should be able to survive nearly an entire match. You know where they are – they can’t be sure where you are.

Naturally your focus in Burn Cards will be on experience gain while power leveling, but your consideration should be based around your skills. I recommend the use of map awareness cards over all other; Satellite Uplink and Map Hack are your good choices here – other vision cards effect your actual screen vision and in my experience aren’t great for anyone who hasn’t used it and failed with them at least a few times. Stay focused on experience gain in order of proficiency now; Fast Learner, Thin The Ranks/Urban Renewal/Most Wanted List/Titan Salvage [depending on your skill with each], then take advantage of a few backup militants while you have none of these options. With the Conscription card and Wifi Virus you will own the NPCs around you and their kills become yours – along with their points.

Having smashed your way through your first Pilot Generation, the second time through will be both easier and more difficult than before. For each level of Pilot, you’re now picking up a 10% experience boost, which is FANTASTIC – but that’s not all you’re going to need this time around. Generation two is your first focus on specific challenges, which should be taken into account as a priority to leveling when you’re trying to power level your way through Titanfall. You can run through your levels the same way you did before, staying focused on XP Boost Burn Cards and gunning people down with just one or two weapons, but you’ll hit a wall at max level if you’re not working to complete these objectives before you reach the top end. In Generation two, focus on working with the EVA-8 Shotgun as a Pilot and the 40mm Cannon in your Titan. You’ll need to complete “If It Moves” and “Top Gun” challenges with your Pilot as well as “If It Moves” and “Titan Killer”. Complete these in Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing to blast through the objectives respectively and then go about your business as usual.

As the generations of Pilots move forward, objectives will only get harder, but everything else is business as usual. It’s very likely that by Generation Three you won’t be needing this guide at all, but I’ll go over the Generation requirements now to help you stay focused on your goals through each. Keep in mind that each generation as I list it may be different than you read elsewhere – these goals are requirements for reaching the next generation. Our requirements are listed in order of when you should be completing them, not when they are due.

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Three:

R-97 Compact SMG: If It Moves…
R-97 Compact SMG: Top Gun
Plasma Railgun: If It Moves…
Plasma Railgun: Titan Killer
Satchel Charge: Top Gun

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Four:

Longbow-DMR Sniper: If It Moves…
Longbow-DMR Sniper: Top Gun
Quad Rocket: If It Moves…
Quad Rocket: Titan Killer
Charge Rifle: Critically Conditioned
RE-45 Autopistol: If It Moves…

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Five:

R-101C Carbine: If It Moves…
R-101C Carbine: Top Gun
Arc Cannon: If It Moves…
Arc Cannon: Titan Killer
Sidewinder: Titan Killer
Gooser Challenge [This Challenge is considered to be the most difficult in all of Titanfall by many players. Be ready to sit in Last Titan Standing through the entire Generation if you want to complete this mission. Don’t waste your time on Hardpoint or Attrition.]

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Six:

Spitfire LMG: If It Moves…
Spitfire LMG: Top Gun
Triple Threat: If It Moves…
Triple Threat: Titan Killer
Mag Launcher: Titan Killer
Brain Surgeon

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Seven:

G2A4 Rifle: If It Moves…
G2A4 Rifle: Top Gun
X0-16 Chaingun: If It Moves…
X0-16 Chaingun: Titan Killer
Charge Rifle: Titan Killer
Fresh Squeezed

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Eight:

C.A.R SMG: If It Moves…
C.A.R SMG: Top Gun
Archer Heavy Rocket: Titan Killer
All I Do is Win
Look Out Below!
40mm Cannon: Critically Conditioned

Complete the following Challenges during Generation Nine:

Smart Pistol MK5: Top Gun
Hemlok BF-R: Top Gun
Kraber-AP Sniper: Top Gun
Deadly Apparition
Death Reincarnate
X0-16 Chaingun: Critically Conditioned
Plasma Railgun: Critically Conditioned


At this point you should be proudly at the top of the food chain in Titanfall. Enjoy yourself and destroy the weaklings below. Get used to being asked about your badge and how you got the Challenges done. You should be very happy with yourself.

Now move on to the new Diablo III expansion, like a good nerd.