Having just surpassed the $69,000,000 funding mark, it is hard to argue the success of Star Citizen, even while the game is in very early Alpha testing stages. With an excellent feeling in flight, a breadth of content to come in the perpetual universe and a strong single player experience, there is little to be disappointed in with Star Citizen’s future.

We here at PowerLeveled are invested in the project, and took the Mustang Omega out for a spin, blew a wing off the ship, then tried again. Have a look and see for yourself why the Omega is as respectable ship as any – even as it’s classified only as a “racer.” Keep in mind that this variant is almost identical to the Mustang Gamma available over on the official website, but with a special skin from AMD as a part of the “AMD NEVER SETTLE SPACE EDITION” package. Let’s see how well this baby can hold up!