As if Star Citizen didn’t have enough hype going for it, with just hitting its $50 million backer mark, they needed to nuke us away at Gamescom with this beautiful game play video (Uploaded by kingnewbs) of the Constellation and how crew teamwork will work in game. You know, it’s the only way to be sure that you can knock your fans off their feet – with amazing footage. Star Citizen is still a few years away, but from the look of this early Alpha footage, the final product could be amazing. If you’re looking to get into the game with your very own pledge package, click HERE to get started.

NOTE: Pledges are like kickstarter perks. The game has not released and these pledges will give you access to what’s called modules, NOT the full game at this time. You can currently walk around your hanger, fly around in space with a few select ships at this time, and fight in a space type PVP arena via the dogfighting module. Racing will become available with patch V0.9. This multi-player video is not available to the players yet.