Closing in on $69 Million USD in funding, Star Citizen is potentially the most successful Kickstarter project to ever launch and is breaking into the space simulation genre as one of the most beautiful and complete titles since Eve Online. With a rash of updates coming in this calendar year, developer Cloud Imperium Games will launch Star Citizen’s first single player mission this year, and teases their coming content with loads of new art for our enjoyment today.

Currently working with patch 1.0, Star Citizen is far from complete, but promises many updates in the 2015 year including the first piece of single player content. Under the title Squadron 42, Star Citizen will reach out into the first of 50 fully motion captured missions available in the game, where after many stretch goals in funding we will find “celebrity voice acting,” as well as “a full orchestral score.” Given the great deal of promise given by Cloud Imperium Games, this will be their first true chance to show off what Star Citizen has been built up to become – the best simulator space has ever seen.

While still a work in progress, Star Citizen is being developed as a genre defining title, allowing for space simulation and First-Person Shooter elements that build much further on the ideals that Eve Online developer CCP Games tried to touch on with the title’s synergy on the FPS front. As opposed to the CCP Games’ direction however, you won’t need another console to play in any FPS combat. Leave the cockpit of your space ship and get boots to the turf – at Star Citizen’s $20,000,000 stretch goal “select lawless planets” were promised so that we won’t just fight each other in docked spaceship combat, as if that wasn’t cool enough? Yes, I’ll dock your ship’s ports for open combat across your bridge, please.

Previously launched, users can simulate their space combat in preparation for full on war with the enemy thanks to Arena Commander. This was our first chance to touch actual flight in Star Citizen, and showcased a high level of detail in physics and lighting from Cloud Imperium Games’ development team. With real-world environmental damage to consider, including G-forces that can cause your pilot to black out in flight, it’s Star Citizen’s attention to detail that takes it above the competition and makes it worthy of their near 70 million dollars in funding.

With Squadron 42 right around the corner, check out the beautiful artwork released today below that showcases the thought process behind all of the game’s development. The attention to detail on the minutia of the electric shotgun is exactly what you would expect from a triple-A title, and a top-tier development team. With all the beauty and sophistication of Star Citizen, you can certainly look forward to more news from Cloud Imperium Games right here on PowerLeveled.