Surpassing a $50 million funding goal this weekend, Star Citizen is pushing ever forward into the light of day, and adding new features every day.

With a checkpoint goal of $50 million dollars on the promise of releasing all original alien languages, Star Citizen will now be more immerse than ever. Among the list of stretch goals for Star Citizen, the title will build on an existing ship Engine Tuning Kit, true Stellar Cartography, and multiple stellar systems. There is a complete list of goals that Star Citizen must meet over on the official site, ranging from the original two million dollar goal through the current 50 million.

Currently in production, Star Citizen now allows its early access players to have a go at their Hangar, as well as experience the beautiful drone simulator and spectrum games. Development is currently ongoing for First-Person Shooter elements, planet-side exploration, “Squadron 42” and a persistent universe akin to EVE Online. With a current funding of $51,160,032 across 526,173 citizens, you can join up simply by purchasing your ship. Star Citizen has a new crew-ready model just this week, helping push it over that 50 million ceiling if it piques your interest.

The only question we still have is “where’s my Firefly class ship?”