If you’re a fan of the series, you know what to look forward to. Let’s fly this ship, blow it up, and fly it until it can’t fly any more!

The Origin 315P is an exploration vessel, and available on the official Roberts Space Industries website for $75 as part of a package which includes:

  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Starting Money: 2,000 UEC
  • 4 Month Insurance
  • Digital Game Soundtrack
  • Digital Star Map
  • Digital Star Citizen Manual
  • Squadron 42 Digital Download
  • Star Citizen Digital Download
  • Beta Access

Also available as a standalone ship for $65, and an upgrade from the Aegis Avenger for just $5, she performed quite well in the face of a gun – best in class that we’ve flown so far. We fully expect to see many of these babies in the vast expanse of space, and for good reason as she won’t die easily.