As one of the most successful examples of a crowd funded title of all-time, Star Citizen has been a dream for many backers and is one of the most beautiful space titles you may ever see – even if we never left the hangar. For the first time ever, at the PAX East conference in Boston this weekend, Star Citizen publicly left the Hangar and into space.

While the video recording does show the title in its full 14 minute glory, don’t be surprised as this is a live recording from the Expo and is the first time that people are witnessing the game as it is intended to be. They get a bit excited, and the cheering is all real.

The Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C flown in this video is part of Star Citizen’s $125 and $145 packages. If you’re interested in this ship or any less expensive ships for Star Citizen, drop on by their official website and pre-order for access to the Alpha and Beta stages or the game, as well as the full package at launch.