Looking to get your hands on an epic Star Wars adventure? The sequel to one of the most popular Star Wars video games of all-time is launching soon for PS4, PC and Xbox One, with EA announcing the time of Beta test today.

As announced on the official website, we’ll be looking forward to an October launch for Star Wars Battlefront around a full month ahead of launch. While the Beta test isn’t scheduled to last this full month, the details of this test hit just a few hours ago. Listed as “early” October, the Battlefront Beta will be a technical test, stretching the limits of a 40-person battle with 20 on each side of the infamous Rebel-Empire conflict.

Taking place on Hoth, we’ll get a chance to play as both Luke Skywalker and his father before him, Darth Vader as we battle it out in the Walker Assault mode. Also featuring a survival mission on Tatooine, allowing two friends to take on waves of Imperial scum. With addition to these two modes, players can also enjoy the previously unannounced Drop Zone game type, with more details on this mode coming in the weeks ahead.

Pairing up with the Battlefront Beta, there will be a companion app available during the test. Setup on the official website, you’ll be able to experience a card-game under the title of Base Commander and earn in-game Credits to unlock “Star Cars”, weapons, and more in the test. This companion app will also allow Rebels and Imperials to check their game stats and progression, as well as customizing your player loadout and appearances. If you so choose, you can also be notified when your friends fire up the Beta and check in on their stats as well through their profile page. While the app is available on the Battlefront website, you can also download this application on Google Play and the Apple App Store just ahead of the release on November 17th.

More details on Star Wars Battlefront are sure to come as the title draws nearer to release, so stop by PowerLeveled for more information.