With a short chunk of footage appearing online today, Star Wars Battlefront II Footage is now in the wild!

In variance from the original, Star Wars Battlefront II will feature a larger campaign, spanning multiple eras of the Star Wars franchise. This includes a single player campaign that will reach throughout at least all 9 “primary” story arch films, and potentially even Rogue One.

Footage showcased above was expected to be released at the Star Wars Celebration, set for April 13th. While unconfirmed at time of leak, with the celebration set to showcase all things Star Wars, the timing is right for a leak just ahead of the official release.

Inside the trailer we see Kylo Ren, Rey, Toda and Darth Maul, with “The Last Jedi” characters available to all those who pre-order the game. Look for more details on pre-release ordering to come this Thursday.