As fans of the space simulator genre of games, fans of FPS gaming in general and fans of high quality work, there is almost nothing we can say about Star Citizen that isn’t great so far. With the latest patch 1.1 content dropping onto the Public Test Universe, anyone accepted into the testing phases of Star Citizen can now steal other player’s ships and interact with these other players on a scale larger than the single player experience.

As of version 1.0, Star Citizen’s only functional features exist in the Arena Commander module – the module by which Star Citizen tests out features before pushing them live to the “Persistent Universe”. With patch 1.1, this Arena Commander module has expanded on ideals and code which will now allow for multi-player experiences both coop and competitive.

Star Citizen super fans are freaking out right now, I know. Multi-player has been in the game for quite some time, as has cooperative, but not yet on the scale we see with version 1.1. In 1.0 and previous players have been limited on their interaction with other players by disallowing users to interact with another player’s ships. This meant that no player would be able to load up their multi-crew ship with a full crew and “give her all she’s got.” Formerly, the only place in which a team of crewmen could get together was as individuals fighting a cooperative cause in their individual ships through “death match” style stages of competition or “wave” style stages of dog fighting as a team. Thanks to the 1.1 update, the “free flight” module in Arena Commander is finally multi-player. Free flight mode offers the only location in Star Citizen where a pilot could land their ship and take part in extra-vehicular activity in outer space. Aside from this your characters were only walking around alone in their garage, looking at their beautiful space ship.

In patch 1.1 this free flight mode now features multiple landing pads, where there was once only one landing pad. This allows players to interact with each other’s ships by landing their own and using extra-vehicular jet pack action to traverse to the adjacent pads. This of course leads to two possible results – cooperation or competition in the “free flight” space. As of this moment weapons can be drawn and fired in the free flight areas, and I have “tested” their functionality on both my own ships and the bodies of my peers. I’ve borrowed a few ships as well, but I’ve also been blown up by ships activated remotely to self-destruct.

If you’re looking to get a small taste of piracy in the most basic of ways, get your hands on patch 1.1 or look forward to the final release of patch 1.1 coming very soon. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information as always, and we’ll be sure to let you know if piracy gets shut down by the local feds with any patch 1.1 updates before it hits live on the Star Citizen public servers.

Want to see the multi-user flight in action? We’ve updated the site with another post detailing the action in live video!