After what feels like quite an extended Beta test – announced just after the E3 conference in 2013, Steam Family Sharing is now available for anyone on the Steam network.

Users who link their accounts to other family member’s accounts may now share their titles freely among each other. To enable Family features, click on into the Settings tab of Steam and enable it for your account, or any Family account already associated with yours. Parental locks are also available, as account managers can enable “Family View”, which allows for password protected access to content in your family accounts.


Adding a title to your shared games is VERY easy. Once Steam has been booted up, adding a game into the system is as simple as right-clicking and choosing “Add to/Remove from Family Games.” Immediate access throughout your family is at your fingertips as easy as that! Surely we can expect some users to manipulate the system, pairing up with their “extended” families, but this is an amazing step forward for gaming just months after Microsoft had been poised to drop physical game trading off the map.