How many of you read the “Choose Your Own Story” book series as a kid? If you didn’t, I’m sure you’ve read some sort of spin off from these books. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, these were books where you would come to a choice in your story and after making your decision you would be asked to turn to a specific page to continue your story. You might say, “well there are several games that have story-lines where the choices you make will affect your ultimate ending.” This is true but, Stories: The Path of Destinies created by Spearhead Games an independent studio based out of Montreal known for their cooperative action puzzler Tiny Brains has taken this concept a bit further. Each time you open the story book in this game you can change the story. Then when your character goes back in the story certain aspects of the game remain true. Take for example you come across a character that you might think is your friend and he or she turns out to be a traitor. If you play again remembering he or she is a traitor you can make a new choice but all this does is create an entirely different branch in the ever evolving story.

I had a little time to speak with the Devs from Spearhead at PAX Prime 2015 and play a bit of their demo. One thing that truly impressed me was that the demo itself had 22 possible endings and was only about 10-15 min long. I was told the full game will have many more. With that said if you yourself are not into big stories some of this might make you standoffish but have no fear, the action RPG aspect of the game helps to keep it lively. I could see a great deal of influence from other games such as Bastion or I might even go as far to say The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The gameplay was great, but some response times were a little slow and the combat would almost seem to pause at times. Understandably so with this still being a demo I will not be over critical. There will be plenty of time for that in the review.

Some other nice features currently in the demo were that you do get to level up as well as get new gear. I was told that in the final build you will also be able to get gems to level your gear similar to the materia system in Final Fantasy VII. I guess it wouldn’t be much of an RPG without these features, but I’ve seen a drop in customization over the years in many action RPG’s. One thing that they were very proud of was the fact that the game is run on the Unreal 4 engine. I was told to not be too judgmental about the the images I was seeing today as the demo was quite old and they were a little embarrassed to show it because they do have a much better looking version of the game already built.

About Stories:

Stories is an action-RPG set in a vibrant universe filled with floating islands, majestic airships, and flamboyant magic. Our hero is Reynardo, a sky corsair in a bit of a bind. As the sole survivor of the vanguard, he is the last line of defense against the mighty imperial armada about to overtake the entire realm. Reynardo fights against impossible odds, knowing that the fate of everything he holds dear rests on his shoulders.

Alter the Past, Rewrite the Future with Stories: The Path Of Destinies

Stories is completely narrated with over 1009 different pieces of dialog so you yourself don’t even need to read but instead you can sit back and relax as you take in the story.


To be quite honest I had not heard of Stories: The Path of Destinies until PAX Prime, but I’m very glad that I was pulled aside to take a good look at it. This will be one of the games I am looking forward to hitting the PS4 early 2016. With any luck you might see it on other consoles later so that everyone gets a chance to try it. If you would like to check out Spearheads official site head over to or you can always check back here at Power Leveled for the latest updates.