Virtual Reality Halo; Not good enough. Mixed Reality Halo – Now that’s Microsoft’s style. From the Microsoft Hololens, down to the recently announced Dell Visor, Microsoft is not only selling these headsets, but developing games and demos based on the best titles in their library for what they hope to be a revolutionary launch.

Showcasing 5 minutes of footage, Road to VR helped introduce Microsoft’s steps into the virtual reality space with a new dimension, showing what it’s like to bring your virtual world into the real world. Delivered as a bit of an encyclopedia to new players at start, watch as Guilty Spark begins to initialize you with your adversaries before the real fun starts!

Halo: Recruit can be played live in person at any Microsoft Store, and is a free download on the Windows Store for anyone who steps into the Mixed Reality space. Halo: Recruit launches on October 17th.