If you’re already a fan of Destiny, or you’re playing in the coming Beta test, you’ll want to get your hands on Destiny everywhere you go. In traditional Bungie fashion, you can with the coming Destiny companion app for Android and iOS.

Available on July 17th along side the Beta test, those interested in picking apart their profiles and adjusting their Guardian’s in real-time can download the companion app and dig deeper into the world of Destiny. As revealed on IGN.com, part of the IGN.First program worked out with Bungie, the app will feature full rendering of your Guardian as it happens in-game and by your in-app adjustment. Weapons and their full 3D renders will also be view-able, just as they are in-game while you decide if you want to equip the new item over your old. Adjustments made within the application to your Guardian do not have to wait until you confirm them in-game, because the application is fully integrated in Bungie’s system and reacts immediately with the actual Destiny ecosystem.

Stats, characters, play modes and Grimoire, the titles’ fact cards will be accessible from within the app. Check out more details in the IGN official video below. For more information on Destiny, check out our Facebook page, where we’re posting Grimoire from the game directly in your feed and will be giving away Beta keys as the release is upon us.