I have been a fan of Reaper miniatures for a long time. Their metal miniatures have been a favorite with hobbyists for a long time.

Reaper miniatures has been working on its new line of plastic minis.

This  promo video they made for the launch of the line will get you up to speed.


Knowing that growth of a new line would be slow. The prospect of adding a new miniture every so often just seemed like a very daunting task. So they went to kickstarter.


The kickstarter did very well.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-an-evolution-of-gaming-min Their goal was $ 30,000 they made $3,429,235.

While I was not able to get in ot the kickstarter, I did pick up a few bones. Being the game master for my table top group I would love to use minis for my games. But the price was always a barrier. While the players could just pick up a handful of character minis the GM has hordes of monsters to represent on the table. So these seemed like the answer to my prayers.

On opening the package I noticed right away that the plastic is different than anything used for minis I have seen. I have assembled both plastic and resin kits for warhammer40K. But this is something different. More flexible, almost a rubbery feel to them.

Looking around I saw that they were claiming that Bones could be painted without priming. So I had to give it a try. Going with some very simple paint techniques and just shooting for a table top quality this is what I got.

IMG_20130418_100710 IMG_20130418_100725 IMG_20130418_100730 IMG_20130418_100804 IMG_20130418_100809 IMG_20130418_100822 IMG_20130418_100829

Im working on a Min-o-tar now. Work in progress.


I’m really optimistic, These are just what I needed at my table. More to come later.