What’s next for a development team that started out on PC and boomed as one of the most popular independent titles on the PlayStation 4? Go Invisible, of course. Announcing their new title Invisible, Inc., Klei Entertainment is breaking out with a new adventure for those who want early access.

Featuring procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and a stealth game through and through, Invisible, Inc. will ask players to build on their Stealth, Hacking and Anarchy skills to steal sensitive information and items in a game of espionage. Available first on Steam, Klei’s Invisible, Inc. will be released as a Steam Early Access title for $15.99 a good savings over the final version at $19.99.

Invisible, Inc. will release on the PC and Mac, with aspirations for a Linux release at a later date. Check out the announcement trailer and screenshots below for more details on the title, or head over to the official website for everything there is to know about the hot independent stealth title.