If you’re one of millions of players out there in New York this month, you could well be coming across the “end game” of content launched with Tom Clancy’s The Division. Running through the streets of New York, there are two ways to prepare yourself for the upcoming content – be that DLC or the post-launch freebies we’ve all heard about. Either you’re out there running through daily missions, or your in the Dark Zone fighting back against players and groups of mobbing gangs. No matter which you choose, you’re looking for Phoenix Credits. Here is the best way to find Phoenix Credits in the Dark Zone.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are essentially three levels of the Dark Zone. Between DZ01 and DZ06, you’ll fight off level 30, 31 and 32 mobs. These mobs vary between Purple and Yellow difficulty, and none will be your standard “white” difficulty. This means that you can expect that every step you take in the Dark Zone is as hard as your missions outside of the Dark Zone. If you’re looking to simply run through the Dark Zone looking for Phoenix Credits, the best possible path you can take is between 3-4 of the locations marked on this map:


On the most current in-game map for The Division, areas with at least one piece of loot or mob in them will be lit purple, in most occasions directly correlating with this map. That is because all landmarks with activity in them have this purple highlight thanks to a last-minute change by Ubisoft before the launch of The Division. If you’re looking for the most simplistic method of hunting down named mobs while you’re in the game, look at this purple highlight as a guide and you’ll be working to about 70% efficiency.

As you’ve seen in the image above, some named mob packs live above ground, while others live in the subway system. I wouldn’t personally advise combating named mobs underground until you’re confident in your skills, and they can slow down your pace for stacking up Phoenix Credits. Pairing your route running for named yellow packs in The Division with Dark Zone chests is the best and most efficient way to gear up for new content. Below is a mapped location for every Dark Zone chest in the game.


As you can see, there are multiple Dark Zone Chests/Crates/Cache throughout the game. These Dark Zone Chests can only be opened through the acquisition of Dark Zone Keys. What do Dark Zone Chests have inside them, you ask? They guarantee at least two items of Purple or higher quality within. As a major part of fighting off yellow mob packs, you’ll be picking up Dark Zone keys occasionally, and will want to include these Dark Zone Chest locations in your adventuring, to maximize your progress in The Division. At best, you’ll improve your gears. At worst, you’ll be able to break down each purple quality item for two blue crafting materials. Keep in mind that in the map above, the Dark Zone chests are highlighted by a green dot, but those with blue outlines are underground. Not every Dark Zone chest will be heavily guarded, but most are guarded with a named yellow mob pack – if you’re already on the lookout for Phoenix Credits, it’s worth looking at both maps and building the best possible route for your skill level.

As a last note, remember – DZ01-02 have level 30 mobs. DZ03-04 have level 31 mobs. DZ05-06 have level 32 mobs. Balance challenge with speed and get yourself leveled up and geared as quickly as possible! Only level 50+ Dark Zone players will have access to all the game’s loot. Get out there and have some fun!