The tricks of the trade for power leveling your characters in The Division require little more than time, but how can we make leveling faster? Let’s explore.

If you’re a first-timer in Tom Clancy’s The Division, or you’ve been playing through the game and are ready to level up another character, there are a few simple rules to consider when leveling up. First, there really is no “easy way” to level. Ultimately, you’ll be killing the same number of enemies on your way to level 30 either way. Secondly, what you do along the way to level 30 does not matter. Don’t spend time in your base of operations getting gear swapped out or trying to equip everything you grab along the way. In this method, there’s no point to equipping any gears until you are level 20-25, unless that gear gives you an experience-on-kill boost.

The trick to power leveling in The Division is simple. It’s a bit about strength in numbers, but much more about something else entirely – Start from the end.

By pairing up with at least one player who has already completed the game, you will be afforded the ability to play out missions with considerably higher experience rewards. Sure, enemies award a good deal of experience – and this is why you’ll want on-kill experience gear, but the real purpose here is time. By playing with another player at level 30, someone capable of carrying you through the fire, you can pick up upward of 250,000 experience with your “first” mission. Upon completion of the final mission, the first you should be playing, you’ll level from level 1-11, if not level 12, as soon as the final boss falls.

It is absolutely essential that you run with someone who has already beaten the game before, and they are the party leader, if you want to succeed at this method. The final mission, named “General Assembly” isn’t available for play until you’ve completed all other main-line missions in the game.

This can be difficult for someone who is playing alone and without having any friends playing on their platform, but this is the internet. Thanks to the Reddit subreddit “The Division LFG“, or, you can pair up with players from all around the world on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on PC.

On average, having completed every mission in the game on “hard” difficulty while leveling, I would finish up the game with the Madison Field Hospital mission at level 25. At this point, you’ll still want to get the proper amount of supplies for your Medical Wing, Security Wing, and Tech Wing. With around 1500-2000 supplies on your character after the missions, prioritize the purchasing of every virus protection filter, then at least one of your “Link” abilities. Virus filters are essential for those looking to finish out each of your three wings in the base of operations and it can slow you down through the leveling process if you can’t finish the minor missions due to a missing filter.

Having polished off your Base of Operations, you’ll be ready to get to work on the top tier of Division content – whether you prefer the Dark Zone competitive environment or you’re striving for Incursions, you’re well on your way to the fastest track to the top. The average player can complete the entire leveling process in a single day with this method and get well into the gearing process with a proficient team. Get on out there and clean up our city!