Finishing out what was an astounding week of sales from Microsoft – targeted at the Xbox 360 platform, your final day’s sales have been announced on Major Nelson’s Official Blog.

Games On Demand

Saints Row IV – 50% off
Metro: Last Night – 50% off
Tropico 4 – 67% off
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon – 50% off
Oblivion – 75% off
Overlord II – 67% off

Xbox LIVE Arcade

Limbo – 80% off
Puzzle Quest 2 – 80% off
Rock of Ages – 80% off

In case you missed the bulk of this week’s sale, Editor Jeff Rubenstein of the Major Nelson Blog also notes that we can expect fresh new “Deals of the Week” this Tuesday morning, though those deals are certainly not expected to be as fruitful as the sale of the week past.