Since the announcement of Fumito Ueda’s “The Last Guardian” 6 Assassins Creed games have launched but yet we all still hang onto that hope that it will come out of limbo. Is it possible well only time will tell. It looks like a small glimmer has shown once again. During the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015 former Executive Producer Yasuhide Kobayashi, who had severed as the head of The Last Guardian’s development before moving on to a new project at Smile Connect E! decided to tease us once again.

During a live stream to commemorate Yasuhide’s career and the 20th anniversary of Playstation he was asked to write some beloved words to his fans. Much to everyone’s surprise Kobayashi-san had written the words “Hitokui no Toriko,” which is The Last Guardians’s Japanese title.

everyone loves these words too, isn’t it? Truly, I wonder when it’ll be time. I want it to be soon.


With a rather astonished look from Sony’s promoter Yasuhiro Kitao, host of the event. He replied “don’t ask me anything please!” He did once again reiterate that it truly is a title everyone is looking forward to, and that it’s in development, as it was previously announced.

What does this all mean? Will we see The Last Guardian finally rise from limb? Only time will tell but like the threads of hope so many hang onto that a remaster of Final Fantasy 7 will happen perhaps they will continue to tease us with The Last Guardian.