Published by one of the most recognizable names in gaming history, Atari’s coming RollerCoaster Tycoon title is bringing back everything we love about the amusement park sim series with a modern feature list and a fantastic refresh on retail social gaming.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: World recreates the best of the franchise’s history this time around, and while our eyes-on experience at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo was only with an Alpha build, it’s clear that the next Tycoon will deliver on your coaster building expectations. Packing in a fully redesigned track builder, creating the most extravagant coasters in the history of human kind will no longer take you hours (and hours) to build. With an innovative new designer, building your dream track and bookmarking your favorite pieces changes everything you know about theme park construction from games past.

With implementation of new pre-made coaster pieces like corkscrew turns, or the ability to blueprint your custom designs and share them with the RCTW community, building is both easier and more sophisticated than ever. Tracks can be developed and edited on the fly, with the only limitation in building set by your park’s daily income – if you can buy it you can build it, even if that means a long-term construction phase, it will be completed eventually. Using full three-dimensional building tools with snap points and intelligent grade, building to the sky and spiraling to the ground, with sharp lefts and hooked rights becomes an enjoyable experience, rather than a tedious chore.

Atop of the all-new, extremely deep coaster builder, RollerCoaster Tycoon: World hosts a full selection of pre-build park assets, each with their own customization options to make your park unlike any other. With hundreds of choices of various rides, attractions, shops, decorations and more, build up the most popular restaurant in the land with a customized menu of your favorite foods and prizes, hosted in forest, canyon, island and urban sci-fi park themes.

While this RollerCoaster Tycoon sequel will feature social integration in an all-new collaborative park building setup, you aren’t required to play online, as in some other sim-style titles. Team-up with friends or other players simultaneously in the same park in 4-player collaborative multiplayer mode and receive bonuses for working together, with each player managing one or more zones. Otherwise, users may run all zones on their own in an expansive single player mode, and disallowing anyone else from ruining your perfect theme park. Social features expand with the ability to ride and rate other players’ coasters and pick up blueprints from your favorite rides to bring them home to the best theme park in the world – yours.

Naturally you can expect to build the most customizable theme park in series history with many adjustable features. Set park ticket prices, ride prices, and food costs to pay your hired staff and satisfy customers. Manage and monitor ride recay as you visit, manage and update your park regularly while rides will become outdated or breakdown more frequently over time. Most importantly, keep your guests happy by coming back!

RollerCoaster Tycoon: World will feature Steam Trading Card access, and will be a micro-transaction free, full-featured title at launch. For more information on RollerCoaster Tycoon: World, keep it here on, or visit the official site. Developed by Pipeworks Software, look forward to the latest title in the Tycoon series in 2015, and get ready to build the world’s tallest coaster one more time!