The View Master has been giving generations of children a 3D experience for over 75 years and now with the help of Google, Mattel has reimagined  their original design to move forward in our modern world. Since its creation in 1939 the view master has used reals to offer this experience but today with the Google Cardboard you will simply be able to use most smartphones. By placing your smartphone in the front of the device and with the cardboard app installed children and adults alike will be able to visit distant places once again. You will be able to move your head and look around in a 360 degree environment learning about the world through stunning visuals. Think of it as taking an affordable field trip to far away places like Paris, the giant pyramids, or even the moon. So in theory this seems to be a great idea and with the quality construction of the original View Master I believe Mattel will keep the vision alive for many more generations to come.