Developers who choose to publish their works on Steam now have a much more dynamic method of managing sales, allowing for a penny-specific, anytime option for their games to drop price at will.

Pictured below in an image provided by developer “Sharkiller”, developers can now set new prices on their titles for customized periods and add their titles to Steam’s weekly sales as desired.

Sales have limits that developers must consider, and allow developers to join a Steam Sale up to two months ahead of launch. A game may not go on sale on Steam for more than two weeks consecutively, but details regarding how price changes week-to-week to avoid this rule are not available at this time.


Doug Lombardi of Valve detailed the publishing process with Polygon:

“As with the addition of a ‘Recently Updated’ section to Steam, this is another effort to shorten the distance between developers and customers,” Lombardi said. “This new Steamworks tool allows developers to configure discounts for their own products, on their own schedules. They can define custom sale periods or opt in to regularly scheduled sales. This will enable developers to better coordinate their promotions with events, announcements, or major updates they are planning for their products.”

We can only hope that developers take advantage of the sales as soon as possible – because no one dislikes a good sale!