Through the fire and flames of an Electronic Arts exclusivity contract, Run Games will be the first company in many years to persuade the NFL to allow for real players in the coming football title, NFL Heroes: Pro Edition.

Thanks in part to a push from Usain Bolt’s appearance in Temple Run, developer Run Games will be allowed a test run with their NFL contract, allowing for the use of its players, but not the use of NFL teams. NFL Heroes: Pro Edition will launch using only players, making one of the primary features focused in Fantasy Football.

Given that the NFL shy’d away from the NFL Blitz series produced by Midway, some of the core features in the NFL Heroes series may surprise you; You can punch players in the face, and much more. The NFL is now showing a stretch back to their early 2000’s gaming prime as they test the waters,

“We wanted to explore outside of the sphere where people always associate with us in games, which is Madden 11-on-11 football. We wanted to see what else could be done with 1,800 players in the video game space.”

Run Games creative director Michael Marzola elaborated on the title changes between the current NFL Heroes and the Pro Edition.

“When we released Football Heroes, fans kept asking us for their favorite NFL players,” president and creative director Michael Marzola told Fortune. “That element of having real players on the field is going to be a huge boon for the game. The new game will feel more true to the game of football with elements like on-side kicks, 2-point conversions and timeouts. We don’t want to lose arcade feel because people responded to that. “