Currently in development, you’ll soon be able to ‘catch them all’ the old fashioned way with Pokemon on iOS.

Having one of the most proficient card games in the world can leave loads of potential for digital cross-over in today’s market. Fully realizing this, Nintendo is bringing forward an iOS version of the Pokemon trading card game, according to a report by VentureBeat. Launching soon as “Pokémon Trading Card Game Online”, Nintendo’s venture into the digital trading card space will challenge breakout hit Hearthstone for the top spot in the genre, as well as a small portion of Magic The Gathering’s hold on the Steam market.

Few details of the final product are available at this time, but we should expect a similar formula to the trading card game on iOS. Those who compete can expect to earn an experience or currency used to purchase new packs, or buy them outright for your real-life currency. With a market peaking, and little more work required than scanning their existing cards into the virtual game, The Pokémon Company could be in for the time of their lives. No launch date is set as of yet for the trading card game.