It has been over three years, last released in August of 2011, since we’ve seen an update for the PlayStation Portable. Foregone to the PlayStation Vita, the PSP is now an afterthought at most retailers and in most homes around the world.

If you’re one of the many who bought in on the PSP back when Sony launched their first handheld back in 2004, you’ll be happy to know that the firmware is still being updated and maintained long after the retail market is gone. While there has been a large span of time between updates, the latest update provides added stability to the veteran handheld – always a welcome sight.

Without much mention on their English outlets as the dominating PSP market lives in their Japanese home market, you can see the full patch notes on the JP PlayStation website today. Noting nothing aside from this stability update, the PSP won’t suddenly become a power house handheld again, and may not be relevant for most, but this level of support is fantastic. If this is what we can expect from the PlayStation Vita then bring it on!