Developed by SuperCrit, anyone who has had an interest in training and riding a dinosaur into battle will love The Stomping Land survival game, still in pre-launch Alpha.

Playing as a hunting and scavenging human, survival in the wild against legions of dinosaurs means more than just escape, but the killing of the giant predators around you. Take advantage of opportunities to kill dinosaurs as predatory beasts will fight each other in the wild, but know your worth – taking down a 40 foot dinosaur in The Stomping Land is just as easy as it sounds. As an adventurer starting out, you must scavenge the remains of massive dinosaur battles to survive, while you work your skills with the three weapons at your disposal; the bow, spear and bola.

Proficient players who aren’t satisfied with the light meats of a small skill will look forward to a hearty meal only when they scavenge from the bigger dinosaur fights, but be cautious as their viscous strength can tear you apart. Finding the meal requires skill, as hunters must track their food in The Stomping Land. Look for tracks of larger beasts, but beware that you aren’t alone in your ventures toward the big meal. Other hunters and scavengers will be looking for a more satisfying meal as well, and will find their way to the big fights by following similar tracks. Hunters cannot kill larger prey on their own, so waiting for the opportunity from dinosaur combat is one of the only options.

The other option is much more interesting. Large dinosaurs are very capable of killing other dinosaurs, and with your bola it is possible to tame a beast to ride into battle. Varying beasts require different levels of expertise – something you’ll only learn over time as you survive in the wild. Upon finding a fallen dinosaur, should you have the skill required, your expertise will allow you to heal the massive mount and use it for offensive purpose and scavenge a much more satisfying meal. Those who adventure the longest may one day ride on the greatest beasts in the land, but you must understand how to heal their wounds and earn their trust first, conquering your way to the top through dino-based combat. Those interested in healing beasts to pick them up as a mount must first explore deep caves to find the healing herbs – a task not safe in a world full of competition.

Other hunters will occupy the land, and though you may work with them for the greater good, The Stomping Lands is an open player versus player combat game, much like the smash hit DayZ. This means that you not only cannot trust anyone, but if you die then you will lose all of your gained expertise, and must start from scratch against the wilderness. You may protect yourself with stealth elements, picking up foliage from the land and constructing a piecemeal ghillie suit. Additionally, your weapons have various works to aid you in battle. If you’re looking for utility, your bow is a versatile weapon allowing you many options in the field of combat with various arrows to be used in PVP and PVE combat.

  • Whistling Arrow: Undistracted predators within range will chase this arrow. Passive dinosaurs will run away from this arrow.
  • PaintBomb Arrow: Explodes on impact, covering small targets with paint, preventing stealth.
  • Smoke Arrow: Explodes on impact, creating a cloud of smoke around an area. Does not affect stealth against dinosaurs.
  • Multishot Arrow: Fires all of your remaining arrows at once in a spread shot. (Max 6)

With these tools at your disposal, as well as the bola and lasso, your adventures will come to culmination with the building of your new home. Users can build campsites in the wild, connecting tribe members through totems, building a teepee for spawning, a fire pit for cooking, and a cage for holding a beast or player hostage. The Stomping Lands play out on a continuous day and night cycle and include weather patterns for rain and fog. Building your home near the ocean is both advantageous and dangerous, as you may swim in the ocean to spear and eat fish, but you will also be easy to find in the open.

The Stomping Land was funded in early 2013 by way of Kickstarter, though no release window is available at this time. The project is currently in the Alpha testing stages. For more information on how to play The Stomping Land, check out our complete tutorial.