Designed by the amazing mind of Michael Bastian, in cooperation with Hewlett Packard, a smart watch for those who want a watch first is waiting on your command.

If you’re looking for an elite design to set you apart from the Moto 360 wearing, Samsung worshiping crowd, look no further. As designed by the visionary mind of Micheal Bastian, the Michael Bastian Chronowing, engineered by Hewlett Packard operates as everything you want and nothing you don’t. Offering up integration with the standard services we’ve come to expect – Facebook, text messaging and calls, this is one of few smart watches available that ranks style as high as function.

Setting visual trends with the functionality that most people use is what sets this model apart from the competition. Rather than cramming in everything under the Sun, we get a watch that we can use and the features that we want – albeit lacking the fitness that some of us want. If you’re not looking to get fit, but rather stay fashionable, you can pick up this time piece over at the MB Chronowing order page today for just $350.