As previously announced, Respawn Entertainment will be bringing new content to Titanfall as both free additions and paid DLC. During a panel at the PAX East Conference in Boston, Respawn detailed some of the upcoming releases, all slated by May of 2014.

In the way of free content, Titanfall will soon be patched to include two versus two combat in Last Titan Standing, the game mode where players spawn in their Titans, and when either team loses its last Titan the match ends. As in traditional Last Titan Standing, you may leave your Titan in AI mode at will and assault the enemies on foot, though this is generally considered a bad idea.

Titan themed Burn Cards, as well as customizing your Titan with an insignia have also come out as future plans for free release. Additionally, Hashtag style search functions will allow players to find a match they feel is best suited to them while searching through private matches. Respawn mentioned still that they intend to release “Rifts,” tweaking existing game modes to create new match types in the future. Whether these game modes stick is likely up to the player, and will assuredly help Respawn find new match types as they begin development for Titanfall 2 in the coming year.

Where paid DLC comes to play, your $25 Season Pass will come in handy this May, as Titanfall grabs its first expansion content – Expedition. Set in three new Multiplayer maps to add on to the existing lot, Expedition maps will include Swampland, Runoff, and War Games.

Set in alien ruins and among archaic alien technology, players will wall run off of more natural environments in Swampland, as trees are your primary resource for the fastest movement type in Titanfall. Giving little to the imagination, Titanfall’s “Runoff” map has only been reported to include water – a fairly vague description that is considered to be the map’s focal point. In War Games players can expect a similar environment to the training module, at least in styling. Look forward to more details on the latest DLC as May approaches.