Respawn Entertainment has recently admitted that their method for anti-cheat has not yet been applied to the game, even as it has been launched for some time.

Though the technology exists and is already implemented into the title, Titanfall currently does not actively use any anti-cheat measures in the wildly popular FPS. As Titanfall has of late been plagued by only a small number of manipulations and cheats thus far, the number is sure to grow unless Respawn steps in quickly.

Jon Shiring of Respawn Entertainment did note in reply on Twitter that they intend to turn on their anti-cheat methods. In reply to the statement, “Hackers are getting out of hand only 3 days after launch. Whats gong on ?!!!!!!!” Shiring said,

“…we have anti-cheat but it is not enabled yet – it will be soon. This is important to us.”

Also important to note, Shiring says that Respawn is aware of existing cheaters and who is using exploits. “We ARE catching them. We are not yet ENFORCING it.”