After weeks of mulling through Titanfall data – likely pulled from the Beta experience that had been opened for anyone to play in mid-February – Reddit user FallenFusion is handing out details of the game like the apocalypse is upon us.

FallenFusion has brought forth many details that Titanfall fans have long been waiting for, including mention of a “prestige” style leveling system in “Generations”. Users who level up in Titanfall during the Beta phase found themselves smashing hard against a level 14 limiter. In the full version of Titanfall users may level up to the [unconfirmed] level cap, then reenter the battlefield as a second generation pilot – up to ten generations.


Players who choose to step into a next-generation pilot role can expect to lose their progress in experience, unlocks and challenges, but not their Burn Card collection. Apparently you’ll pass that deck on to your more evolved self. Next generation pilots will reportedly pick up a permanent experience boost at 10% per pilot level, so each time you reach the next generation things will move on just a bit more quickly.

Maps in Titanfall will also prove to be a bit more dynamic than what we experienced in the Beta test, as players will be able to take advantage of zip lines and stationary turrets while in combat. Interacting with zip lines has been noted to work both directions, as your soldier will jet pack their way across the line, pictured below as horizontally strung. Work with turrets, however changes a map’s dynamic entirely as it can shut down an entire route for your team’s Titans. Turrets are mentioned as having “a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems.” That being said, multiple Titans have also been expected to die if you’re fighting to destroy a turret entirely, though turrets may be better used fighting on your side, as a pilot can hack the module to turn the tides in your favor.


Pilot Hunter; a new game mode that also hit the light today brings a Titan-free battle to the floor. Where the open Beta phase allowed players to face off in Titan-only matches, Pilot Hunter asks you to avoid the mess all together and play in the most familiar style of Team Deathmatch possible. Grunt style AI combatants will still be available for the slaughter, but in a Titan-free firefight, you can expect to look more to the skies as the nimble pilots may come down on you like Batman if you aren’t careful. Gamers who tend to complain that Titanfall is “just like Call of Duty” will find this mode more similar than any other to the roots from which Respawn Entertainment grew.

With these many details, FusionFallen also brought forward a screenshot from nearly every multiplayer map – rumored to be 15 maps earlier last week.

While posting information on Reddit today, FallenFusion mentioned that though his work was his own doing, not at the authority of Respawn Entertainment, he is only acting in good faith leaking details to the public.

Long story short, I wont’t post any more details than I have. I’m really excited for this game to drop. See you guys out there.
I’d also like to add to Respawn – I posted this information with the best intentions and with pure excitement for this game. I hope you understand that I, similar to RazorUK, simply wanted to find as much info about Titanfall as possible. There were no ill-intentions whatsoever. As I came across these details, I figured I would share with the community who is equally as excited as I. This is one hell of a game and I’m eagerly anticipating its launch. Thank you for creating a game I have become so interested in.

Titanfall will be released March 11 on PC and in an Xbox One Special Edition Bundle, and on March 25 on Xbox 360.