Over the last 4 years, League of Legends has become one of the most played video games of the year. League has risen to the top through constant attention to its champion releases, making sure that one champ does not get too strong with a series of nerfs and buffs to all or some of them. With the constantly changing field of play, gamers must adapt almost weekly to find new strategies and tactics to compete with fellow “summoners”. Piling on over 120 champions gives League players a massive variety in selection, yet some champions happen to see the light a bit more than others. These are your top five most played champions in League of Legends.

With large amounts of utility, whether it be getting in or out of a fight, it is no surprise that Lee Sin tops this list having competed in over 300,000 games this month. Whether in the jungle or in top lane, “the blind monk” is truly a sight for sore eyes. With the nerfs to other top lane/jungle champions such as Jax and Riven, Lee Sin has been given the blind eye for too long. Vision jokes aside, this champion is truly a force to be reckoned with, but why? Along with being the most played, he also requires a decent amount of skill to master as he is not one of your typical right-click to win champs. Along with the fact that he generally has to be more over-aggressive to get kills and his large weakness to crowd control abilities, we can see why his win percentage sits at a low 46.3%. This doesn’t necessarily mean that only 46% of Lee Sin players are skilled, only that he is easily shut out and teams should always consider the mesh of team compositions before diving into to a match.

Second on this list, falling not too far behind the lead, is a champ that gives both high risk and high reward: Vayne, the night hunter. Vayne is played primarily bottom lane with an occasional appearance top for high poke and maneuverability against most tanky [health-focused] top champions. Vayne is very much a late game champ as her attack speed just becomes the essence of Pentakill. Some of the main ways to shut down a Vayne are so simple, yet most people forget it from lack of experience or arguing between teammates – a red trinket. That’s right, shutting down a Vayne is as simple as getting sight on her. She is weak to any kind of crowd control as most attack damage carries are and can also be shut down with the right focus of damage as she usually doesn’t build major tank items. Allowed to live though, she will life steal it all right back up with a typically focused Blade of the Ruined King item in tow. As with most champions that require more skill, she comes with only a slight improvement on win rate at 47.4%.

What is an attack damage carry without its support? Thresh coming in with just under 300k wins is a bottom lane God to be truly feared. Considering that his Q is basically a 1.5 second suppress, and that his E if used correctly at max range can further suppress for another 0.5 second, he has the most crowd control at level 2 over anyone in the League – with few exceptions. Synergizing with most champions in bottom lane with his ridiculous options, Thresh uses his lantern to bring a jungler in for a gank from almost halfway back in the lane. It is kind of surprising to find that his win rate is stuck at a low 47.7%. A small percentage of this can be blamed on the fact that many people try to build an Attack Damage style Thresh. Most of this low win rate, however is lack of follow execution. If Thresh misses his hook on a champion, it messes up most of his combo unless he were to waste his flash to try for the flay and ult. Not to be discounted, he is still an extremely promising and safe pick in most ranked games as one of the highest picked professional selections on the LCS.

With the recent buff, not only has Blitzcrank seen a huge comeback; but also AP Blitzcrank. With the already insane 100% Ability Power scaling on his pull and ultimate, each have relatively short cool-downs. Adding the extra damage to his lightning proc. from his passive buffs him to beyond recompense. Boasting the highest win rate of this list at 52.5%, the magic calls to him. This steam golem can keep on going – even without Ability Power, as his passive allows him to sustain an additional half of his current mana bar in shield for a full 10 seconds. Whether it be nuking out a carry, or by causing overall mayhem, Blitzcrank is definitely one to watch in the coming season.

The only lane that hasn’t been covered so far happens to be mid lane. This is usually because the first mid lane champion selected in a ranked game can be countered very easily by almost every other mid. Therefore as in most cases, the one with the most counters wins the ticket, and mid selections change at a higher rate than in any other lane. That ticket goes to Zed, the master of the shadows. With ability to juke almost any champion with one shadow cast and high poke, it is no surprise that this champion can dish out the damage without even knowing you were hit. Once he gets his level 6, a good zed player can lay all 3 shadows down and dive a champion under a tower and get out with the kill taking minimal turret fire. With the recent patch that removes the item “deathfire grasp” (RIP), zed is only going to get stronger as not many will be able to keep him from getting to the back of the team and assassinating his target. Zed comes with the huge drawback of highest damage per second, but most skill requirement. As was said earlier, a good zed player can get in and out. Roughly 50% of zed players watch professional League players and think that they can do what they see, failing miserably. Given that feeding zed usually is only good for the zed, his win rate sits flat at 48.8%.

These are not necessarily the best champions in the league. They aren’t even the brightest. These champions just happen to see the most of the Summoner’s Rift (or Twisted Treeline) as opposed to others. Obviously other champions outclass most of these, but they happen to be banned most of the time.

All statistics were taken from Lolking’s charts of most champions played worldwide.