Hello everybody! Jacktrauma here comin at you with a BIG amount of SGMW love in the form of free stuff for new players to the epic free to play shooter game called World of Tanks! I know what your saying “You mean pay to win Jack!” WRONG sir/ma’am!!!! Now go sit in the corner and think about what you just did! Anywho…lemme break it down to you in the only way I know how…Trauma Ward style!

World of Tanks is a shooter first and foremost. Not only in its design (WW2 era tanks), but also in its flow of  epic bad-assery and team based strategy/tankery (i’m sure that’s a word somewhere, if not…™ !) as in please don’t just go straight on get spotted and get yourself killed…leave that for the tier 1 and 2 fights (which are so much fun its probably illegal somewhere)! the game is a lot of fun by yourself don’t get me wrong, but when your playing with friends or even a guild (Which i highly recommend either way) and you have some kind of actual plan, the battle are so much more epic and meaningful cause it was a real team effort that got you the big W!

Now as i mentioned the game is a free to play model, but there is a cash shop (of coarse). The items in the shop are all things that can be bought with gold, which is the real money transfer into game money or “premium” currency or credits which are the “free to play” currency. There are a few things that you can only get with gold which include Premium time, which is the equivalent of paying a monthly fee for most any other MMO that gives you boosted exp/silver earned per match, and the beauty the system is that you can buy it in 1 day, 3 day, 1 week, 1 month, all the way up to by the year which is awesome for people who want premium, but don’t have the time/money to play a full months worth and waste the whole 30 day amount you would normally buy via other MMO pay-styles. Gold will also yield Premium tanks, premium ammo (this stuff is nasty to get hit by ::shiver::) tank bonus’s which include everything from chocolate for your crew (one second ill get to them) to an auto-loader that reloads your shells %15 faster (or whichever one you choose) Now all this gold stuff is fine and dandy BUT lemme tell you…you don’t NEED any of it! As long as you have the time and or patience, you can get most anything and everything you need just by playing the game and having fun solo, or with friends/guild (at a reduced rate from not having premium account status of coarse but still…)

So the tanks themselves have stats that you will upgrade with new parts, this is everything from Hull points (hp or hit-points to laymen) to driving speed, to turn speed, gun damage, pretty much anything you can think of, like working on a car, except its a lot slower…and has a GIANT gun strapped to it, this also includes the almighty: Crew! your crew are the people inside that tin can that operate all the workings of your tank, from turning to firing, to putting out fires (yea it sucks when that happens)! Your crew will also grow with your tank becoming more and more efficient at doing their job, which in turn, makes your tank that much more deadly when they reach 100%! After that they can learn all kinds of other useful things like repairing busted parts that go down during a fight (after taking damage cause that would suck if it happen randomly during a match), putting out fires faster, to being able to see farther, the perks go on and on and are always evolving with the game.

So with all that being said, should you try out World of Tanks? of coarse you should! Should you drop $5-$15 to check out the stuff you can get? If you can, do it, if not, no worries at all cause you’ll get it eventually with a little patience. Always better to know what to buy after you know the basics of the game, it makes your purchases that more worth it, but of coarse I wouldn’t be able to call us friends if I didn’t have something to get you started on. (we ARE friends right? o_O) This is a code that’s only good for NEW ACCOUNTS and will only work during the ACCOUNT CREATION process so make sure and pay attention and look for the spot to input the code (http://worldoftanks.com/game/guide/en/general/invite) the code is:

WGGEAR (All caps, Case sensitive)

this will give you: 1000g (gold) 3days of Premium Service (good for a weekend warrior) an extra garage slot (costs 300g normally) and a very epic German PZKPFW 38H735 (f) (http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/PzKpfw_38H735_(f)) which is a premium T2 (Tier 2) light tank! Now i dont know just how long this code will last so get yours going today and after your all set up, make sure and enter the 2nd year anniversary code of:

2NDBDAYTANKS (all caps again case sensitive)

which will give you a day of Premium and a buncha stuff for your crew, like chocolate…and coffee!! Also make sure and add me: Jacktrauma and we’ll tear it up SGMW style, hope to see you new commanders in game!