Hey Survivalist, everyone has been waiting patiently for Alpha 11 to arrive and it did, but of course since 7 days to die is in Alpha testing we should all be used to bugs by now right? Unfortunately a few people have not been as satisfied, but fear not since the good folks at the Fun Pimps have been working diligently to squash a few of these bugs for us.

There have been several issues with performance and this is no easy task and since the game is PC based there is most definitely a wide variety of builds out there. In the A11 patch  the Pimps have really been working hard on a new menu that you can  easily adjust your graphics settings in game. It looks like there will be a couple new additions in 11.2, like a Vsync option and mouse over tooltips. This will help to explain what it is you are adjusting just in case you didn’t know. One suggestion that has been made if your having to many issues with your game is to simply uninstall and do a fresh install. This might cure some hiccups that may have occurred during the patching process.

Just like any new weapons system in any game they have had to nerf, tweak and adjust to compensate with many of the changes that have been made but we can be sure these will not be the last. Also they have fixed a really annoying bug where when you spawn in game with broken legs. To some this might put a sense of adventure into the mix but I can see how this might disappoint quite a few people.

There are several other issues that have been reported but I don’t see them on the list like, being rocket launched off a ladder or through a hatch strait up into oblivion. Another was having glass legs (easily broken) this might have to do with the level system since I have not seen much of a response to this but who knows.

As always here is a complete list of the latest patch notes below or you can head over to the official site to read them.


  • Added physics to wooden bow arrows
  • Added new Vsync option added to the graphics menu
  • Added new video options mouse over tooltips to explain the various rendering options and their impact on performance
  • Added RWG draw time optimizations
  • Added new Exposed BiomeCacheSize property to rwgmixer.xml


  • Changed increased shotgun block damage and reduced blunderbuss block damage to match
  • Changed fixed biome masking so zombies don’t spawn at night if you have cleared the area during the day or vise versa
  • Changed reduced assets loading at game start fixes 32 bit users crashing at start bug
  • Changed scrap metal block into scrap metal pile
  • Changed Navezgane’s “city” spectrums to use the forest spectrum
  • Changed deleted unused spectrums
  • Changed lessened plains fog
  • Changed improved granite specular
  • Changed increased damage on mp5
  • Changed Video options defaults to a lower setting to support new players with low to mid range systems. Default Video options are as follows: view distance of 7, 50% LOD, FOV 60, textures on quarter, trees on medium, and everything else on low/off.
  • Changed set new patches or newly downloaded games to launch in minimal deafault graphic settings
  • Changed: Infection stage 1 doesn’t lower your stamina as much
  • Changed: Food poisoning doesn’t lower wellness so much
  • Changed loading screen is now faster
  • Changed reduced  leaning/swaying while crouched
  • Changed deserts to be slightly (5%) more common (Robert)
  • Changed standardized the options menu buttons video, audio and control options to have 4 buttons ok, cancel apply and default
  • Changed improved client rendering performance with camera code


  • Fixed single Player inventory migrating to Server bug
  • Fixed town block/biome edge distance check causing them to not spawn. You should see more towns and roadside rural locations in the random gen world
  • Fixed explosion damage not working
  • Fixed Voice Chat debugging output in a release build
  • Fixed “Inventory full” Duplication bug
  • Fixed large wood log spike’s collider size and player damage
  • Fixed dedi stops spawning zombies bug
  • Fixed weights on various items using new auto calc weight feature
  • Fixed Auto calc weight for rebar frames and blunderbuss
  • Fixed zombies spawning with negative y-coords
  • Fixed spawning and breaking your legs bugs 

Known Issues

  • Known issues option menu changes have reset all settings including graphics, audio and key bindings are now default

I look forward to more updates and more surprises from the team at The Fun Pimps this has been a well invested pre-Alpha game for myself and I am sure many others. For more information on 7 Days to die head on over to their official website 7daystodie.com and keep looking for more updates right here on PowerLeveled.