Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Another week, another voyage into the ever deepening strangeness that is True Detective. This week, we find the boys letting Dora’s next of kin know about her death. I neglected to bring up her ex in prison last time, but this time her mother is told.They both bring up how she has changed. Charlie, the ex, said that she was doped up out of her mind, babbling about how she’s started going to a church and that she’s found a king. The mom, said that she thought she had straightened her life out because she had been going to a church. Rust and Marty continue to look for leads and end talking to a friend of Dora’s who says that she was, you guessed it, going to a church. Needless to say, they want to find this church. Fast.

After a long day of hearing about a church that no one seems to be able to locate, Marty ends up at a bar where he regales some buddies with stories of getting his butt fingered by surprise, because that’s the only way to go. He then calls up a hot, young thing that works for the courthouse and promptly goes to her place to get his swerve on while being handcuffed to a counter. After his latest bout of adultery, he informs the girl (Lisa, for those scoring at home) that there is a psycho on the loose and that Dora probably wasn’t his first/last target and that she should stay at home. Lisa retorts that she’ll never meet a nice man if she stays in her apartment and she wants more than what Marty is willing to give. Marty is hurt by this, what with being a douchebag and being able to get away with anything he wanted for awhile.

With a voice-over from the future, we’re informed that Rust sees things. “Neural damage” he asserts, from his time as an undercover narco officer. I’m sure that will come into play in the future.

Rust uses his constant search for something to numb his feelings to get more info about Dora, leading to a bunny ranch by a lake. While telling Marty about the ranch, Rust comments about smelling a woman on Marty and makes an offhanded comment about the strength of his marriage. Marty takes exception to this, naturally, and gets in Rust’s face. Rust is unphased by this and notes that he knows that Marty wasn’t with his wife because he’s wearing the same clothes and he’s not dumb.

They use some of Rust’s contacts to get some names. The people tied to said names turn out to be uncooperative at first. After some subtle persuasion in the form of a toolbox to the face and a nearly broken wrist, Rust and Marty are directed to a trailer park in the woods full of working girls where Dora had been staying. After going through her personal belongings, Rust finds a journal with passages to a “Yellow King” and a flyer for a church in the middle of a field that needs some investigation.

Flash forward back to present day Rust and we find out that he spent some time in a psych ward after his daughter was killed by a car. Her death caused massive strain on her marriage, unsurprisingly, and led to the divorce. From there, he ended up going deep undercover and getting dirty.

This is where things get heavy: Rust tells the story of walking in on a tweeker who had  just injected his infant daughter with crystal meth. Rust then blows this guy’s head off as a prize for being father of the year.

After this incident, Rust became a floater for any police force that need a psycho tweeker to go undercover, which he did for four years. After taking out three members of a drug cartel and being shot in the process, he ended up in a loony bin in Lubbock Texas. Instead of taking a full ride pension, Rust chooses to go into Homicide by calling in a ton of favors that he had stored away, because apparently all you need is a few phone calls to get a mentally unbalanced guy to investigate killings.

While trying to find anymore information about the field church, Marty deals with ever increasing tensions at home. Whether it be his overbearing father-in-law, the growing distance between himself and his family, Marty’s life outside of work is unraveling.

And now, it’s time for This Week in Crazy Shit Ruston Cohle Says: “I think of the hubris it must take to yank a soul out of nonexistence into this…meat. To force a life into this…thresher. That’s…so my daughter, she spared me the sin of being a father.” This has been This Week in Crazy Shit Ruston Cohle Says.

Ah, the “They’re attacking Christ!” task force shows up and tries to nose their way in on the case, which of course does not sit well. The big boss man is slightly agitated by Rust’s willingness to speak his mind, which of course Rust couldn’t give two shits about one or the other.

e guys finally find the church, which turns out to be an actual building and not a tent. Sadly, it’s a burnt down church that appears to have abandoned for quite some time. While digging through the ruble, they find a primitive painting a naked woman with antlers on the wall. Credits.

Another fantastic episode, this time highlighted by Michelle Monaghan as Marty’s wife Maggie. She pulled out all the stops and played the frustrated wife who’s clinging desperately to the man she loved and they family they built together. McConaghey turned in another great performance as Rust, continuing to toe the line between reality and what’s going on in his messed up head. True Detective continues to set forward an interesting world full of questions and mysteries. See you next week, and again, let me know what you think in the comments.