If you’ve ever spent hours on end playing games for the public and felt like your time has gone to waste, Twitch.TV is trying to help users help each other with a new cross-stream channel hosting mode.

By allowing users to promote other channels similar to theirs, or simply their favorite channels, Twitch is now allowing users to take control and show what they might watch while they aren’t streaming games themselves. How it works is simple – If you’re streaming, people will view your live stream. If you’re offline, your stream will be taken over by an embedded version of the channel you would prefer to host. This allows for users to stay engaged while you’re offline, and stay in chat to keep the conversation going if you have to step away for a few hours. Twitch Senior Product Engineer Yoh Suzuki detailed their views in a press release on shared hosting.

“At our core, Twitch is a live video destination, so we’re very interested in increasing the social connectivity between users. We want to help our community discover new broadcasters and give users new and better ways of communicating with each other. Host Mode is a significant step in this direction with other new social features just around the corner.”

If you’re a dedicated member of the PowerLeveled community, you’ll know that we’ve had a similar, much larger system implemented here already on our live streams page, and you’ll be familiar with how this works. Now you can share with your friends and take shifts during special events you host, or play together and your fans won’t miss a beat when you have to use the restroom. For more information on Twitch.TV and live stream content, keep it here on PowerLeveled.com.