So today I’m going to talk about how the toxic league players have turned one of the craziest and most enjoyable game modes into a repetitive champion reliant waste of space and time.

Firstly we look into a fast paced game where almost every champion is considered OP in one way or other, meaning that no champions can dominate without battering an eyelid. Well sadly that is not the case, there are clear champions that literally just dominate almost every champion possible. Even though many champions are strong these ones in particular need little if not no skill at all to play, for example – Sona, Zed, Ez, Nid or even Hec who can destroy anyone with his helicopter attack. Don’t get me wrong these champions being played on normals do require a lot of skill, well maybe not Sona but you know positioning and all that too. But in this mode if you only hit 1 in every 10 skills then you will eventually over power your opponent, making these the sort of champions you simply do not want to face since they end the fun in an instant, making you hide under tower and hope for your team to counter it. Well most the time you just slowly except your defeat because when facing champions with minimal skill requirement finding that moment to make a come back gets greatly reduced.

So how can this end a fun game? Well simple you cant ban every champion who is simply over powered, with only 6 bans you will always get at least 1 per game. I say only one because everyone chooses champions based on who looks fun or trying out their mains to have a few laughs with friends, so no one chooses these op champs at all! Unfortunately these people are few and far between on LoL, the main goal of many LoL players is to win and it doesn’t matter how they do it just that they win and with this sort of attitude how can anyone truly enjoy such a frantic game. I do enjoy the odd game or two still, but it is almost certain at least 3 members of each team will be choosing to win which opens the doorway to the toxic trolls once again. Over my last 4 games I played yesterday I seen 4 people boasting about how amazing they are when sitting on these summoner carrying champions and directly insulting other peoples skills because they cant do nothing about it, in fact I have had negative reports filed against me for simply killing them without even saying a word. If anything this mode may be spawning the most god complexed (Thinking they are amazing) players I have ever seen, which I think has made this game far less fun then it should be what do you guys think?

P.S I vote changes should be made like how about your team gain 30 gold for every skill shot the other team misses to counter being shut down in lane by the excessive range skills. Or add a little more crazy to the game, like op minions that die instantly to towers but throw out Veigar ults and roaming barons. Take this game out of the who can win and make it a who can survive take it to the next level, I want to laugh every game I play with the other team not get annoyed by their picks. Remove the need to win and there is no reason to be toxic no more, at least that’s how I see it. Good day.