While the world waited to see Uncharted 4’s multiplayer Beta test until December 4th, PlayStation Europe didn’t want to any longer.

If the world of the official @PlayStationEU Twitter account is to be believed, the Uncharted 4 multiplayer Beta test will be pushed ahead just a bit. Launching tomorrow at “1700” hours GMT, the citizens of Europe, and potentially the world, could get their hands on the biggest console exclusive of next year for PlayStation 4.

With confirmation of the announcement coming from the PlayStation Blog Manager Fred Dutton, it looks like Naughty Dog was simply ready to launch a bit ahead of schedule. Apparently they are as impatient to get things rolling as we are.

While there’s not official word on whether or not North America will be included in this test, it does seem odd to launch a Beta at 5 PM, right? Have a look at around 9 AM Pacific Time, 12 PM Eastern to see if Drake has already made his way into your consoles. Keep in mind as well – only Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection owners can participate in the Beta at this time.