If you’re in the market to develop video games but don’t have the capital, don’t worry, Epic is in your corner.

Offering up a “freemium” style format for their ultra-popular video game development engine, Epic Games is now helping out the video game industry by cutting initial development costs in creating games and asking for a payment only if your game is successful. Giving developers access to the super high definition, ultra high quality Unreal Engine 4, the next generation of games may be developed in a very high quality with low overhead costs as developers will only pay their artists and coders before a game hits the market.

Formerly launching a subscription based model for Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games is taking things a step further with this buy-now-pay-later format by dropping a former $30/month charge and leaving only the royalty fees that once applied. Those already signed up for this month-to-month cost will be refunded for the month of March and placed on the new plan automatically. As with the former plan, Epic will have a cut of your game’s profits if it is successful, only charging your company for the engine’s use if you make more than 3,000 US Dollars per quarter. If so, developers will owe Epic a five percent royalty on gross revenue for each game or product developed with Unreal Engine 4.

Epic games considers this to be a successful program as it combats with many development engines at market today, including the popular CryEngine system used in Star Citizen as well as Unity, the most popular mobile game and web engine today. Unity is set to make an announcement today as well at the Game Developers Conference and will hit the show floor momentarily. We’ll keep you posted.