According to new information presented by analytics firm Jon Peddie Research, and video game industry made $67 billion in hardware sales last year.

As measured by Jon Peddie Research, we’re forking out the cash for new video game hardware over the last year to the tune of nearly 70 billion on a global scale. Matching up with their earlier report of $26 billion in video game software sales in 2014, hardware doesn’t pay for itself in the 2014 as gamers don’t spend more on their games than they do on their hardware, but given the trend of free-to-play titles hitting the market this may be expected.

The PC market dominates the share of this $67 billion total with 33 percent of sales according to JPR data, adding up to around 22 billion dollars in gaming hardware. As it compares, free-to-play gaming is on par with PC, dominating in the PC market as it compares to the console market. Only mobile gaming offers more free-to-play titles, though in 2014 37% of all “gaming” hardware accounts for tablets, smartphones and handheld categories – including the 3DS and other hardware.

Gaming markets are expected to experience “robust growth” as the years pass according to JPR as well, with Android devices moved strong in 2014 and will continue to do so under the jest of “consoles” released by Nvidia in 2015, as well as other companies. Android currently powers over 1 billion devices globally and while it may not drive forward in the cellular market as quickly as it has historically, smart watches and other devices may help push these numbers even higher as 2015 continues.

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